Urge State Lawmakers to Support Critical Civil Rights Protections for all Californians

With the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Trump, advocates across California are working proactively to protect our civil liberties. Senior Members of the State Legislative Assembly have introduced four key bills that CAIR California is endorsing to safeguard the Muslim community from any possible “registry” and protect vulnerable communities from potentially hostile federal immigration policies from the incoming Trump Administration.

Your voices are crucial to the success of these bills and with your help California is going to set the national standard for what an inclusive and supportive community looks like.

Anti-Muslim Registry:
SB 31, Disclosure of Religious Affiliation Database Act by Senator Lara.

  • This bill would prohibit a state agency from providing or disclosing to the federal government information about a person’s religious affiliation when the information is sought solely for compiling a database of individuals based on their religious affiliation.

Immigrants’ Rights:
AB 3, Immigration Counsel for Public Defenders Act, introduced by Assemblymember Bonta. Coauthors: Assemblymembers Chiu, Eggman, C. Garcia, Levine, Rendon and Senators Allen, De León, and Hueso.

  • AB 3 would create and fund regional centers and statewide resource centers to provide immigration law training and advice to public defenders on issues relating to the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

SB 29, End Local Contracting with For-Profit Immigration Detention Centers Act by Senator Lara.

  • Beginning on January 1, 2019 this act would prohibit a city, county, or local law enforcement agency from contracting with a private corporation, to detain immigrants in civil immigration proceedings for profit. It would also authorize the Attorney General, any district attorney or city attorneys to bring a civil action against an immigration detention facility that violates a detainee’s rights.

SB 54, The California Values Act introduced by Senate President Pro Tempore De León. Principal coauthors: Senator Pan and Assemblymember Levine.

  • The California Values Act will protect Californians from mass deportations by preventing state and local resources from being used to implement federal immigration enforcement. It will also limit immigration enforcement around schools, hospitals, and courts to ensure they remain accessible to all Californians. Finally the California Values Act will also prevent the creation of a Muslim registry by limiting state agencies to collecting information that is necessary to perform agency duties and prohibiting disclosure of that information for any other purpose.

Act Now: Send your senate and assembly representatives a resounding message that California needs to stand with its Muslim and immigrant communities. Write to local representatives today by signing the action alert!