Attendees at a CAIR-SFBA co-sponsored Unity Rally in San Jose

Our History

The San Francisco Bay Area office (CAIR-SFBA) is the oldest CAIR office in the country. CAIR was founded in 1994 in response to growing anti-Muslim discrimination and Islamophobia across the nation. At that time, American Muslims increasingly found themselves the innocent targets of prejudice and hate, and the need for an organization that could speak to the unique position of Muslims in America became apparent. Leadership from local Muslim communities, with support from other minority and civil rights groups, helped launch an organization founded on Islamic and American principles that demonstrate their mutually reinforcing values.

CAIR-SFBA has grown to be recognized as a leader and champion of civil rights for all Americans. It serves the area’s nearly 250,000 Muslims residing in the nine Bay Area counties. CAIR-SFBA has become a household name among local Muslims, and a reliable resource and through legal servicesmedia relationseducation, and advocacy.