Urge President Biden and Vice President Harris to Allow Entry to Families Denied By Trump’s Racist Muslim and African Bans

The first few days of Trump’s presidency wreaked havoc on our already heartbreaking immigration system. The first few days of Biden’s presidency brought hope.  However, … Take Action

Condemn Racism in the Criminal Legal System

We need your help to pass AB 2542 – Racial Justice Act! This will prohibit the state from seeking or obtaining a criminal conviction, or … Take Action

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Call on the NBA to Leave China in Response to Genocide Against Uyghur Muslims

Join us in calling on National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver to prioritize the league’s “commitment to social justice over profits” by ending all collaboration … Take Action

Tell Congress to End the Muslim and African Ban

Created in 2017 and extended in January of 2020, the Muslim and African Ban restricts travel from various Muslim-dominant and African countries. This racist and … Take Action

Urge the U.S. Government to Bring Home Americans Stranded in Yemen

CAIR’s click-and-send action alert is directing Americans to urge the U.S. State Department to: 1) Help facilitate or charter new flights out of Yemen for … Take Action

Urge Congress to Push for ICE to Grant Exemptions to Foreign Students

Urge members of Congress to push the Trump administration and ICE to reverse its cruel directive to force international students on visas out of the United States if … Take Action

Join CAIR in Telling Congress Criticism of Israel’s Planned Annexation is Not Enough. You Must Take Action to Stop It

Urge your members of Congress to take action against the Israeli government’s illegal plan to unilaterally annex more parts of the occupied West Bank and … Take Action