Dear Community Members & Friends,

We’re almost to the finish line to win on five remaining bills on CAIR-CA’s 2019 Legislative Agenda! We need your help to urge Governor Newsom to sign these bills into law.

  1. AB 9 (Workplace Discrimination) would extend the deadline to file a complaint alleging employment discrimination from one year to three years.
  2. AB 1215 (Body Camera Accountability Act) would prevent law enforcement from using facial recognition or other biometrics in body cameras. This equipment is inaccurate and a violation of our privacy.
  3. AB 32 (Private Prisons) would prohibit the Department of Corrections from contracting with private, for-profit prisons to incarcerate people in California.
  4. AB 849 (The FAIR MAPS Act) would establish stronger procedures and standards for city and county redistricting, enabling a more representative government for all Californians.
  5. AB 1790 (Online Marketplace) would tighten privacy protections for consumers in online marketplaces and would restrict use of data beyond the purpose for which it was collected.  It would further prohibit companies from charging higher prices to consumers who exercise their privacy rights.

At CAIR, our values include protection of civil rights for all. Let’s speak up and urge Governor Newsom to protect our rights through signing these bills!


Aliza Kazmi
Advocacy Manager

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