Dear Community Members & Friends,

With your support, we’re getting closer to our goal! So far this week, the Governor has signed three bills – ABs 849, 1215, and 1790 – supporting our communities’ voting and privacy rights. There are now just two CAIR-CA 2019 Legislative Agenda bills that are awaiting the Governor’s signature. We need your help to continue urging the Governor to enact these crucial policies:

  1. AB 9 (Workplace Discrimination) would extend the deadline to file a complaint alleging employment discrimination from one year to three years.
  2. AB 32 (Private Prisons) would prohibit the Department of Corrections from contracting with private, for-profit prisons to incarcerate people in California.

At CAIR, our values include protection of civil rights for all. Let’s speak up and urge Governor Newsom to protect our rights through signing these bills!


Aliza Kazmi
Advocacy Manager

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