As a part of advocating for justice and mutual understanding, CAIR-SFBA offers Bystander Intervention Trainings.  Many allies have been asking about the role bystanders can play in protecting targets of hate crimes since the election.  The recent rise in hate crimes and hate incidents has led us to offer this training to help communities prepare to step in when they see these incidents.  Bystander Intervention Trainings teaches bystanders about the principles of nonviolence and de-escalation techniques. In this training participants learn hands-on skill about how to de-escalate a hate incident before it leads to violence, how to create a safe space, and how to support the person being targeted.

If you are interested hosting a Bystander Intervention Training so that we can bring awareness and training to your community members so that they can help de-escalate incidents of verbal harassment complete the book a workshop form here.

If you’d like to get more information or have questions about hosting a Bystander Intervention Training please contact Programs Coordinator, Courtney Mangus at