“Zahra Billoo, a civil rights lawyer and the executive director for Council on American-Islamic Relations San Francisco, said too much was unknown about Quraishi. “Just because somebody is a Muslim doesn’t mean that they automatically get our endorsement. We need answers,” she said. “I think our community needs to be asking those questions, and they’re not getting answered.”

Billoo said that when Quraishi’s résumé began making the rounds among Muslim lawyers and advocates, she began to ask the questions herself. “He joined the military after 9/11, after that Iraq war began,” she told me. “This was at a time when Abu Ghraib was open. The government was suggesting the law didn’t matter, that they were above the law. So was he advising them on how to skirt the law? What was he doing? It’s just a gaping hole. We don’t know.”


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