January 23, 2024

The California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today launched the “Vote for Justice” voter mobilization campaign designed to galvanize the American Muslim community across the state to actively participate in this year’s primary and general elections. 

“Vote for Justice” is a comprehensive voter engagement campaign, aimed at bolstering voter registration and turnout within the American Muslim community. CAIR-CA and its partners are setting an ambitious goal of mobilizing 200,000 Muslim voters in California through voter registration drives at more than 250 mosques across the state, coupled with the mobilization of volunteers and the dissemination of educational materials at hundreds of Muslim schools, student organizations, and halal establishments throughout the region. These collective actions underscore the commitment of the American Muslim community to civic engagement and reinforce its pivotal role in shaping the state’s political landscape.

In a statement, CAIR-CA CEO Hussam Ayloush said:

“At a time of heightened polarization, it’s imperative that the voices of California’s 1,000,000 American Muslims are heard loud and clear. ‘Vote for Justice’ is more than a campaign; it’s a movement to empower and affirm the significance of every Muslim vote. We are at a critical juncture, and the American Muslim community’s participation in this electoral process is crucial for advancing justice, equity, and inclusion for all.” 

CAIR San Francisco Bay Area (CAIR-SFBA) Executive Director Zahra Billoo, emphasizing the urgency and significance of this campaign, added: 

“In today’s political climate, where the fabric of justice seems immensely strained, our collective vote represents resilience and change. ‘Vote for Justice’ is not just about casting a ballot; it’s a stand against anti-Muslim hate, a voice for the oppressed in places like Gaza, and a stride toward equity in our society. Every vote cast is a declaration that we are here, our voices matter, and we demand justice in all aspects of governance, community welfare, and human rights.” 

The campaign comes at a pivotal moment, highlighting the power of the minority vote in shaping the future of our state and nation. The active participation of American Muslims in the electoral process is vital in representing their interests and contributing to a diverse and inclusive democracy. 

By enhancing the accessibility of voting and providing necessary resources, CAIR-CA aims to ensure that California’s American Muslim electorate is not just voting, but voting informed, empowered, and united for the cause of justice.