CAIR-SFBA’s Civil Rights and Legal Services staff will be available to speak with the media after President Donald Trump delivers his address tonight at 6 p.m. PST.

In a statement in advance of the speech, CAIR-SFBA Civil Rights & Legal Services Coordinator Ammad Rafiqi noted:

“The president today will continue his shutdown stunt, at the expense of hundreds of thousands of hard working American families who have already gone too long without a paycheck. He will distract us from this reality by vilifying individuals and families pursuing a better future for their children by undertaking an exodus at our southern border. The administration’s use of falsehoods to justify wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on an ineffective border wall has been contradicted by CBP’s internal data and exposes the unprincipled and virulent anti-immigrant bigotry at the heart of the President’s actions. This shutdown, and the anti-immigrant policies being proposed by the President, are harming families and run counter to the values we all aspire to in this nation.”