Letter from the President
My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends:

Assalamu Alaikum (peace be to you)

On behalf of the CAIR- CA family, I thank you for your continued support, as it has been critical to sustaining our efforts in promoting dialogue and understanding among all Americans.

I am reminded, as the end of another year approaches, of each individual who has stepped into our offices to assist with, strengthen, or raise issues resulting from the rise in bigotry against Muslims. The precarious climate toward American Muslims has only clarified the need for civil rights and advocacy to ensure the well-being of community members and the broader American public.

In a single year CAIR-CA has responded to shocking policies such as Arizona Senate Bill 1070, a growing rate of hate crime and school bullying across elementary and high school campuses, brought attention to discriminatory practices in the workplace, condemned terrorism and violent acts when and wherever they arose, and defended the Constitutional right of communities to build mosques in their local neighborhoods.

I encourage you to read the personal accounts of American Muslims in the following pages, and CAIR-CA’s involvement in addressing them.

The need to stand up for our basic freedoms today is to free future generations from carrying the burden of inequity and injustice of religious, racial, or other forms of discrimination. CAIR-CA will tackle challenges to come through more youth programming, leadership development, and community outreach.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We are proud to serve you throughout our four California offices in Sacramento Valley (SV), San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA), Los Angeles (LA), and San Diego (SD).


Masoud Nassimi

Chairman of the Board, CAIR-CA

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