The California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA) has compiled three resources to help guide community members as they plan to vote in the November 2018 election. Inside, you will find:

  • Congressional scorecard
  • State scorecard
  • Statewide proposition guide

The scorecards reflect the votes of California representatives from Congress and the state Legislature. The votes of each legislator have been rated positive (+) or negative (-) depending on how closely their votes on relevant legislation corresponded with civil rights and social justice priorities identified by CAIR-CA. The criteria selected for each topic is rooted in legislation introduced and voted on in 2017–2018.

As the amount of legislation introduced in both Congress and the state Legislature is rather expansive, please note that elected officials should not be judged by these criteria alone. This scorecard is intended to provide a general profile to assist voters in better understanding the attitudes of elected officials toward key civil rights issues. CAIR-CA encourages voters to further research the actions of their local legislators before supporting any candidate. CAIR-CA makes no claims as to the favorability of one candidate over another.

At the end of the guide are CAIR-CA’s recommendations on statewide ballot propositions. As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, CAIR-CA cannot advocate for specific candidates for office, however it can endorse ballot propositions. Please contact your local CAIR-CA office if you have any questions.

To see a local measure guide click here.

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