As in past years, 2023 brought a set of unique challenges for the Muslim community and, no doubt, for CAIR California (CAIR-CA). For our offices, last year was dominated by three themes:

  • A historic number of Afghan refugees arriving in California
  • The genocide in Gaza
  • Rampant Islamophobia

Thanks to CAIR-CA’s extensive history, structured approach, and involvement in communities across California, our offices were well-equipped and prepared to support our constituents.

This year’s report includes a special section entitled “Palestine Will Be Free,” outlining our Palestinian advocacy and outreach. As Zionists spread lies about the genocide in the media and attack the rights of Americans who speak up for Palestine, I am grateful for the work of our teams across California as they actively defend freedom of speech, conduct targeted training and education sessions, and speak the truth about the genocide in the media.

The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said, “The greatest sacred struggle (jihad) is to speak the truth before a tyrannical ruler.” This report is a testament to our goal to live up to this great struggle:

  • Ensuring an elderly paralyzed widow received her citizenship
  • Advocating for a community college to pass a resolution following a professor’s Islamophobic rant
  • Securing the safe return of a family trapped in Gaza

And the list goes on. All of this is possible thanks to the support of our Creator and your generosity. We appreciate your role in our success.

Musaab Attaras | Chair of the Board, CAIR-CA

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