Claim of Islamophobic Acts at Berkeley Unified

KTVU | Fox 2 CAIR welcomes an investigation into the Berkeley Unified School District. The investigation will look into whether the district responded appropriately to … Read More

CAIR Demands Condemnation of Israeli Treatment of Palestinian Prisoners

KPFA Radio: Law and Disorder CAIR-SFBA’s Zahra Billoo discusses CAIR’s demand for the Biden administration to condemn Israel’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners.

US federal court hears appeal in Gaza genocide case against Biden

Palestinian-Americans suing the Biden administration argue the US should be held accountable to international law. The New Arab | Brooke Anderson – Washington D.C. “No … Read More

Muslim Civil Rights Advocates Call on Biden Admin to Clarify Extent of US Involvement in Israeli Hostage Rescue

KQED Radio “We are horrified. Every time we think Israel cannot commit even more egregious violence–it does.” CAIR-SFBA Executive Director Zahra Billoo

Israel rescues 4 hostages from Gaza

NBC Bay Area News “I don’t even have the words to express my outrage and grief. They could have rescued these hostages while negotiating in … Read More

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Berkeley School District Accused of Censoring Pro-Palestinian Views

KQED Radio A group of families is accusing the Berkeley school district of “censorship” of pro-Palestinian views. It’s among the latest set of allegations lodged … Read More

UC Berkeley Opens Civil Rights Investigation Into Confrontation at Dean’s Home

Photo: Martin do Nascimento/KQED KQED Radio UC Berkeley has opened a civil rights investigation into a professor who was seen in a viral video trying … Read More

Anti-Arab hate, harassment and threats loom over this year’s Arab American Heritage Month

Photo credit: Tony Luong for NBC News; AFP via Getty; Bloomberg NBC News Arab American Heritage Month is intended to commemorate and honor the achievements … Read More

Ceasefire Protest Turns Violent


Nob Hill Vandalism Suspect Arrested