All Immigrants Must Be Counted in 2020 Census

Immigrant communities have historically been undercounted in the United States census. It is crucial for them to be included in order to get a full and complete … Read More

Silicon Valley Leaders Say Struggle for Racial Equity Is Long but Next Steps Are Clear

Achieving racial equity in Silicon Valley and the nation will take more than protests and some changes in legislative bodies. It’s going to take deep, … Read More

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Biden Campaign’s Attacks on Linda Sarsour Alienate Muslim Voters, Activists Say

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a major Muslim advocacy group, issued a strongly worded statement in defence of Sarsour on Wednesday. “Our sister Linda … Read More

10-Year-Old Girl Stranded in Egypt Reunites With Family in San Francisco

In a quiet corner of San Francisco International Airport late Thursday, 10-year-old Raghad Saleh wept in her mother’s arms. The Yemeni girl landed Thursday night … Read More

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Berkeley Church Leaders Call Arson Fire an ‘Act of Terror’

“CAIR-SFBA is supporting the church and urging police and city officials to investigate this act as a hate crime.”

Repealing the Muslim Ban is Necessary But Not Sufficient

In a historic vote last week, the House of Representatives voted in favor of repealing President Trump’s Muslim Ban. Although no one expects the current … Read More

Yemeni girl, 10, Stuck Abroad as Family Waits Anxiously in San Francisco

On the bright June day Sumayah Albadani said goodbye to her 10-year-old daughter in Egypt, she lacked the courage to tell the girl she was … Read More

#DemocracyNeedsEveryone: We need to free the vote this November

People on parole in 18 other states can vote, yet California, being arguably the most progressive state has not yet restored this right to parolees. … Read More

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Staff At San Jose Dental Clinic Finds ‘White Power’ Slogans Scrawled Near Building

A San Jose dental clinic that serves mainly Native Americans may have been the target of racist messages, according to the staff. The staff at … Read More