2020 Legislative Agenda Update

Dear Community Members and Friends,  This was a challenging legislative cycle. The COVID-19 Pandemic hit after much of our work had begun and caused both our elected … Read More

American Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month

American Muslims have long been a part of the history of the United States and have contributed to the production of wealth and construction of … Read More

CAIR-CA’s 2020 Legislative Agenda

In 2020, CAIR-California is focusing its advocacy efforts on a wide range of bills. Everyone, including members of the state Legislature, is currently affected by … Read More

March 2020 City & County Ballot Measures

California’s next statewide election is on Tuesday, March 3. Make sure you are educated on the issues your vote will determine. The information behind various … Read More

Save The Date for CAIR-CA’s 9th Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol!

Assalamu Alaikum Friends and Community Members, I am pleased to share that CAIR California’s 9th Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) will insha’Allah be taking place … Read More

Building Power In & Mobilizing the Muslim Community

Assalaamu Alaikum, My name is Sameena Usman, and while I know many of you, I have yet to meet others of you. I serve as … Read More

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25th Anniversary Recognition from Our Elected Officials

Thank you to the elected officials below for your partnership with CAIR-SFBA over the years and for recognizing our contributions as we celebrate our 25th … Read More

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CAIR-California’s 2019 Legislative Agenda

CAIR-California is focusing its advocacy efforts bills on 10 bills this year, including three that will be featured at Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC). … Read More

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What is on Our Legislative Agenda for the 2019 Muslim Day at the Capitol?

This year, Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) attendees will be advocating on various civil rights issues that include setting standards for the use of … Read More

CAIR-SFBA Celebrates Election of Five American Muslims to Local Office

After election night results confirmed the first two Muslim women are headed to Congress and that five American Muslim candidates were elected to local office, … Read More