Dear Community,

California has seen an incredibly busy and at times contentious year in the world of politics and policy, and with voters deciding to keep Governor Newsom in office, CAIR-CA is excited to continue our legislative advocacy across the state.

The California Legislative Session ended on September 10, 2021, with a large number of CAIR-CA’s priority legislation that has made it to the Governor’s Desk with your support and is now awaiting the Governor’s signature. With over one million American Muslims across the state, we continue to urge the Governor to prioritize our community’s needs and legislative positions.

Your direct advocacy efforts at Muslim Day at the Capitol were incredibly successful in pushing forward policies that help our community! Below, you will find an update on the bills we worked on during MDAC. Please help us to continue this advocacy by urging Governor Newsom to sign AB 412: The California Commission on Human Rights into law by signing here.

The updated list of legislation that CAIR-CA has been engaged in at the State Capitol, is available here. Please invite your friends and family to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to continue to receive more news on the rest of our legislative wins from this year. 

CAIR-CA has worked daily to ensure that the Muslim Community is prioritized when considering policies that impact them, and our legislative advocacy is far from over! Please continue to support our work in representing the American Muslim community in the State Capitol by donating here. 

Best Regards, 

Amer W. Rashid 
Government & Legislative Affairs Manager 

LEGISLATIVE WIN: AB 412: The California Commission on Human Rights 

What this means for our community: CAIR-CA was the lead sponsor on AB 412, a bill that would create the California Commission on Human Rights.  The Commission can review a variety of issues our community faces with growing Islamophobia and other concerns impeding on the human rights of Californians. The bill ultimately passed both the Assembly and Senat with overwhelming support. 

What’s next: AB 412 is currently awaiting a signature from the Office of Governor Newsom.

Take Action: Let Governor Newsome know you want him to sign AB 412 by filling out this form! 

BUDGET WIN: AB 1368: Enhanced Services & Programs for Asylees 

What this means for our community: CAIR-CA worked with our partners in the We Are All America Coalition and was able to secure $8 million in this year’s budget to fund a brand new program focused on incoming asylees. This program will ensure that individuals who are given asylum in California are provided the necessary resources as they settle into our communities. 

What’s next: Share out resources! As you see local CAIR-CA offices announce different refugee and asylee-related resources, be sure to share with your friends and family! 

LEGISLATIVE WIN: AB 48: Kinetic Energy Projectiles (Ban on Rubber Bullets & Tear Gas) 

What this means for our community: CAIR-CA was an adamant supporter in ensuring California police departments no longer used sometimes lethal rubber bullets and tear gas on protestors.  We firmly believe in the first amendment right to protest and AB 48 is a step in protecting that right for all Californians. 

What’s next: AB 48 is currently awaiting a signature from the Office of Governor Newsom.