April 5, 2022
Brother Sundiata Rashid talks with CAIR Volunteer Emily Galpern about his work at the Lighthouse Mosque, how he makes Jummah talks relevant to our times, the history of Black Muslims in Oakland, and his work against racism. He also celebrates how Bay Area Muslims are coming together.
“The more diverse you are, the stronger you’re gonna be, even if it’s just opinions. If everybody has the same opinion, that opinion is not gonna stand up to scrutiny because it’s not being challenged,” said Brother Sundiata. “But if you got a bunch of different opinions bouncing around, the strongest ones are gonna be the ones that stand out.”
Brother Sundiata is Imam of the Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland where he delivers Friday sermons, teaches classes, manages the transitional house, and oversees programs. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Historical and Cultural Studies of Religion from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.
View conversation here.