As Salaamu Alaikum,

It’s National Voter Registration Day and I want to make sure you are registered to vote.

Are you? If not, you can register easily online here: Rock the Vote.

Have you moved, legally changed your name, or want to change political parties since the last time you voted? If yes, you can make those necessary updates to your voter registration easily online here: Rock the Vote.

(If you’re unsure about your registration status, you can double check it online, at the California Secretary of State’s website.)

We kicked off the season by participating in MPower Change’s National Muslim Voter Registration Day last month. What comes next is more voter registration drives, state and local voter guides, candidates forums, and most importantly your participation will be critical in this election.

As voters, we have the power and resources to make a positive impact on our communities, and to confront the injustices that exist around us. Our government is elected by its citizens, and those elected, impact every aspect of our lives.

We need to vote this November because we MUST repeal the Muslim Ban. We MUST seek alternatives to separation and deportation for undocumented brothers and sisters. We MUST hold law enforcement accountable for their criminal abuse of power and violence against communities of color. We MUST ensure our children are safe from bullying at school, by students and staff.

We can win by putting the right people in office. We can win by ensuring laws that restore dignity, respect, and hope are enacted. This November, it is imperative that our community shows up to the polls, to voice our power!

Will you participate? Will you make your voice heard? It will take you less than five minutes. Do it online today. Rock the Vote. Then, be sure to remind your family and friends.

With love and solidarity,

Ossama Kamel
Outreach Coordinator

P.S. If you want to volunteer to support our voter outreach efforts, please email me at