November 15, 2022

Dear Community,

Elections are a stage for the people’s voice and we thank you for bringing the Muslim voice to life at the polls! We’re following the election with you; this update includes results as they roll in and highlights key races in your region.

These are the first elections after census redistricting efforts, which bore witness to significant swing district races as well as a historic number of Muslim candidates. These results will impact the nation’s political landscape over the next two years and provide increased representation of the Muslim community at all levels of government.

Please contact CAIR-SFBA’s Senior Government Relations Coordinator Sameena Usman at, if you have any questions or would like to get involved with our civic engagement efforts.

House of Representatives

District 15- Kevin Mullin (D) vs. David Canepa (D)
Includes San Mateo, San Francisco.

Background: This election determines Representative Jackie Speier’s (D) replacement as she retires from her 14-year tenure as U.S. Representative. Kevin Mullin serves as an Assemblymember and the California Assembly Speaker pro tempore and David Canepa serves as the San Mateo County Supervisor. Assemblymember Mullin has been endorsed by Rep. Speier.

Results: Kevin Mullin (D).

State Senate

District 10- Aisha Wahab (D) vs. Lily Mei (D)
Includes Fremont, Hayward, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Newark, Union City.

Background: This election determines Senator Bob Wieckowski’s (D) replacement as he retires from his 8-year tenure as a California State Senator. Aisha Wahab serves as a Councilmember with the Hayward City Council and Lily Mei serves as the Mayor of Fremont. Councilmember Wahab has been endorsed by Sen. Wieckowski.

Preliminary results: Aisha Wahab (D) leads Lily Mei (D) 51% to 49% with 64% of votes counted.

State Assembly

District 20- Liz Ortega (D) vs. Shawn Kumagai (D)
Includes Fremont, Hayward, Pleasanton.

Background: This election determines Assemblymember Bill Quirk’s (D) replacement as he retires from his 10-year tenure as a California State Assemblymember. Liz Ortega serves as Executive Secretary-Treasurer with the Alameda Labor Council and Shawn Kumagai serves as a Councilmember with the Dublin City Council.

Preliminary results: Liz Ortega (D) leads Shawn Kumagai (D) 59% to 41% with 47% of votes counted.

The nationwide midterm elections saw a record breaking 145 American Muslim candidates running for office this year! You can find more information in this CAIR National press release.


Nazeehah Khan
CAIR-CA Policy & Government Affairs Manager

As a note, CAIR-CA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization and cannot advocate for specific candidates for office or party preference. However, CAIR-CA can encourage American Muslims to engage in the election process, conduct voter registration training programs, issue briefings, host candidate forums, educate the community on issues, take positions on legislation, and lead get-out-the-vote drives. CAIR-CA also issues Voter Guides for state and local elections, and both are made available on your local CAIR office’s website. made available on your local CAIR office’s website.