We are happy to announce that over the weekend, we celebrated the 2019 graduating cohort of the Muslim Gamechangers Network. 27 students joined by their families and program facilitators celebrated the successful completion of our 12-week social justice training program at a graduation ceremony hosted at Averroes High School.



From August through November, the students attended weekly interactive sessions hosted at Averroes High School to learn and practice with the tools that will equip them to become stronger community advocates and leaders.Together, they examined various subjects including American Muslim history, deconstructing and combating stereotypes, the concepts of power and privilege, economic justice and injustice, organizing a political campaign, building coalitions, and engaging government and media outlets effectively. They received training from activists and community leaders from across the San Francisco Bay Area.

The 2019 Graduates:

Afifah Arif
Aleyah Karim
Aminah Khan
Ana Hussain
Ayaan Irfan
Ayesha Khanum
Emaan Siddiqi
Eshna Fatima
Fatima Khawaja
Hasan Abbas
Khadija Rahman
Layla Hussain
Maha Durrani
Malik Albakri
Meyzara Mohamed
Muhammad Reza
Raya Khan
Sahir Ali
Sanaa Ahmed
Seher Alvi
Shifa Quraishi
Talal Siddiqui
Yekhya Durrani
Yousuf Mustafa
Zahi Imaduddin
Zayaan Khan
Zeynep Yakay

CAIR-SFBA would like to thank Averroes High School for hosting the program. We are also very appreciative of the donors who helped make this program possible through their support, and the dedicated students who came back week after week to learn and grow together.

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