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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can vote in California?

  • In order to vote, you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, and a resident of California. Students with transitional addresses and homeless individuals without addresses are permitted to use their best available address to register to vote.

How do I change my party affiliation?

  • You will need to re-register to vote to change your party affiliation. You can do so here: Rock the Vote.

Do I need to bring my ID with me to vote?

  • You do not need an ID card in California to vote, unless you registered online or by mail, did not provide your social security number or driver’s license, and it is your first time voting.

Do I have to vote on everything on the ballot?

  • You are not required to vote on everything on the ballot.

What if I am told I am not on the voter list?

  • If you are told you are not on the list of registered voters or there are any other challenges to your right to vote, ask for a provisional ballot. Do not leave the polling location without voting.