Two key political events of the decade are happening in March 2020 – the California primary election and the US Census. Check out the following for information and resources.


Below are several key ways for you to inform yourself to vote and get out the vote ahead of the upcoming primary election. 

Key Deadlines

What if I’m not registered by February 18? If you miss the February 18 deadline, you will still be able to register in person at your county elections office (see below) to submit a conditional ballot (that will be verified, then counted along with all ballots) in person on March 3. You can register and vote conditionally in person on March 3 at your polling place. 

How can I check whether I am registered to vote? Check your registration status (find and check with your county, which is responsible for administering elections, HERE).  

–> If you need to, register HERE today! <–  

What if I am about to become a new citizen? If you are naturalized as a US citizen after February 17, register to vote between February 18 and March 3. 

Tuesday, February 25: Last day to apply for a vote-by-mail (AKA ‘absentee’) ballot by mail. After this date, you can only apply to vote by mail in person at your county elections office (scroll down to find your county’s webpage below and check the details for your county).  

Tuesday, March 3: California primary election.

You can vote:

1) in person at your polling place (arrive between 7am and 8pm) 

2) by mailing your mail-in ballot (postmarked on or before March 3

3) by dropping off your mail-in ballot at your polling place, at your county elections office or in one of your county’s ballot drop boxes on or before March 3. 

NOTE: Employees are eligible for paid time off for the purpose of voting if they do not have sufficient time outside of working hours to vote. 

LOOK UP information on voting in your county: 

As we get closer to the election, see HERE for answers to FAQ from community members.

Voter’s Choice Act Counties where all registered voters will automatically receive a mail-in ballot and will be able to vote in person starting February 22: 

NOTE: Voters in these counties can go to Vote Centers to register to vote and vote, starting February 22. 

All Other Counties: 

ACCESS our voter engagement resources including: 


Even if you aren’t able to vote in this election, you can help us get others registered and out to vote! Join our team of Civic Engagement Champions, who are calling and knocking on doors of thousands of community members to ensure that everyone is informed and engaged in the election and the Census. All are welcome to apply to join this team of Champions! 

All volunteer mobilizations will be posted on our Facebook page and emailed through our email newsletter. 


Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Counted! This spring, the decennial US Census will count every person residing in the country. Even if you can’t vote, you can and should fill out the Census questionnaire for your residence.  

For every person not counted, we could lose up to $10,000 in federal funding for resources for education, housing, transportation, healthcare, food assistance and other needs in our community. Immigrants and people of color are historically undercounted.  

Binformed and help others understand the importance of the Census to #BeSeen #BeHeard #BeCounted. See CAIR-CA’s home base for pledging to take the Census as well as other resources to understand what the Census is and how to participate when it goes live on the US Census website on March 12. 

SHARE THESE RESOURCES! We need your help to make sure everyone is registered and votes who can vote, and that everyone is counted.