Najia Munira Akhunzada

Munira Akhunzada

Immigrants' Rights Case Worker

Munira Akhunzada is one of the Immigrants Rights Case Workers at CAIR-LA. She achieved her master’s in International and Comparative Law from Chapman University and a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Law from Afghanistan. She is an adjunct professor at Chapman University, teaching topics related to Afghanistan.  She has over 10 years of experience in program management, leadership, and advocacy in the areas of peace development, human rights, gender equality, and women’s rights with the international community, including with agencies from the United Nations. In addition, she ran for public office in the parliamentary elections in 2018 and was an active women’s rights activist who attended many national and international conferences. She was appointed as deputy for the Peace Consultative National Assembly (Loya Jirga) in 2019 and also participated in the traditional national assembly and the First Conference on Women in Afghanistan. In the eastern provinces of Afghanistan, she voluntarily helped women to address their problems outside the work area. She was evacuated to the United States after the Afghan crisis in 2021. She started work at CAIR, LA, as an Immigrants’ Rights Case Worker in 2022.