Know the facts and know your rights

CAIR’s ‘Know Your Rights’ Guides Translated to Dari and Pashto for Afghan Arrivals

Following the collapse of the former Afghan government last month, tens of thousands of Afghans fled the country, with thousands arriving in the United States. … Read More

Imam getting civil rights assistance from CAIR

CAIR-LA Welcomes Charging and Sentencing of Man Who Assaulted SoCal Imam in a Hate-Filled Tirade

In November 2020, a Southern California Imam left his mosque and drove home to his apartment complex, where he was accosted by a male who … Read More

Remembering and Reflecting on Sept. 11 in the Classroom

Remembering and Reflecting on September 11, 2001 in the Classroom

As you may know, CAIR is our nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization. Our mission is to enhance the public’s understanding of Islam, … Read More

Group of students at school

How Schools Can Maintain a Safe Environment for Muslim Students

Improving the Learning Environment for Muslim Students CAIR-CA is sending this letter to educators and administrators across California to encourage them to take a proactive … Read More

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2021 Muslim Youth Live! Recap

CAIR-CA’s 2021 Muslim Youth Live has wrapped up! In this year’s program, the sessions covered a variety of topics including career guidance, how to combat racism, and mental health. If you missed the live events, please use the links below to watch … Read More

Help a shooting victim to recover

Almost six months ago, Mohamed Osman was another college student at Cal State Northridge. Mohamed was a senior, majoring in both computer science and religious … Read More

Last Call to Register for MDAC

CAIR-CA is celebrating our 10th anniversary of the Muslim community successfully demonstrating their commitment to political, social, and economic justice at MDAC.  Over the past nine years, we have had more than 4,000 Californians join … Read More

CAIR-LA Welcomes Guilty Verdict in Trial of Derek Chauvin

CAIR-Minnesota along with CAIR chapters throughout the country welcomed the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on all counts for the killing of … Read More


As’Salamu’alaikum community members, Ramadan has arrived, which means that as part of your usual Ramadan preparations, now is also a good time to have a … Read More


During Ramadan, many Imams and Sheikhs may travel to the US for various purposes. It is important to know what type of visas are appropriate … Read More