In 2014, YOU have helped CAIR-LA

ACHIEVE the following:


  • Launched Immigrants’ Rights Center – Launched immigration services, helping to empower non-citizens achieve independence, security, and the opportunity to fully participate in American society. The center provides high-quality, low-cost or pro bono services to individuals otherwise unable to obtain legal assistance.
  • 2014 Voter Guide – A compilation of resources to help community members vote in the mid-term elections.
  • Launched the Muslim Gamechangers Network (MGN) – Graduated the first group of 34 American Muslim high school students in a four-month social justice training program, equipping youth with the tools to critically understand their world, effectively challenge injustice, and build legacies of positive change in their communities.
  • Completed 10th Annual Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP) – Helping youth gain an in-depth understanding of California's legislative process & sharpen their leadership skills. 400 youth have completed MYLP.
  •  Held the 3rd Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) in Sacramento, with a record number of approximately 200 attendees from SoCal and statewide. Participants have the unique opportunity to discuss issues pertaining to education, immigration, healthcare and civil rights with their legislators and in turn, lobby for positive social change.
  • Published the Civil Rights Report – A summary and analysis of 900+ civil rights complaints received by CAIR-CA offices in 2013.
  • Our School Bullying Report received positive coverage from the LA Times, ABC 7, CBS, KCAL, KPPC and other sources.
  • ISIS Response – CAIR has been at the forefront of combating inaccurate portrayals of Islam and educating the American public of the true beliefs of our beautiful religion.

We still need your donations to continue these important services.

Please give generously.