May 14, 2019

The California Assembly adopted a resolution on Monday, May 13 recognizing Ramadan. The resolution, ACR-85, was introduced by Assembly member Eloise Gómez Reyes, and it has 74 co-authors.

The purpose of the resolution is to “acknowledge the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and express the Legislature’s respect to Muslims across California and throughout the world on this occasion.”

The resolution was celebrated at Capitol Iftar on Tuesday, May 14, hosted by CAIR-Sacramento Valley. CAIR-LA Policy & Advocacy Manager Fayaz Nawabi attended the iftar and helped celebrate the adoption of the resolution.

“We are grateful for the acknowledgment of Ramadan from the California Assembly,” Nawabi said. “The California Muslim community is diverse, vibrant and has a long history of positive contributions to the state of California.”

The resolution has been forwarded to Senate Rules Committee.