January 22, 2020

Assalamu Alaikum Friends and Community Members,

We are pleased to share that CAIR-California’s 9th Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) will insha’Allah be taking place on Monday, June 8.

MDAC is the state’s largest Muslim civic engagement event of the year. At a time when our rights and civil liberties are under attack, it is crucial we defend our rights by getting involved in legislative advocacy.

Last year, your advocacy efforts at MDAC led to the passage of the California Act to Save Lives (AB 392) which significantly limits when police officers can use deadly force. We also advocated for adding Ethnic Studies into high school requirement (AB 331) and restoring the voting rights to people on parole (ACA 6).

Join us for a full day of leadership trainings, advocacy, and empowerment. Students, families, and community members from throughout the state are encouraged to attend. Mark your calendars now for Monday, June 8, and look out for future updates as to when registration opens.