Civil Rights

Civil rights advocacy is at the center of CAIR’s work. Since CAIR’s founding in 1994, CAIR staff have worked tirelessly to advance the civil rights of all Americans. CAIR has served more than 25,000 victims of discrimination since its founding, and its regional offices receive a total of approximately 3,000 inquiries a year and work to resolve them through various legal means.

Community Outreach

CAIR aims to build and expand bridges of understanding between the American Muslim community and the community at large using a two-pronged approach. The first approach, educating American Muslims about their rights and responsibilities as citizens, empowers community members to fully participate in all aspects of civic life. The second, educating the broader community about Islam and Muslims, helps foster mutual trust and cooperation. By working with allied organizations representing other communities, CAIR has faith that investing our efforts in building coalitions will cultivate justice and understanding.

Youth Empowerment

CAIR has always believed that in order to secure a brighter future for our communities, investments must be made in empowering our youth with the tools to become the leaders of tomorrow. Through its programs, CAIR aims to equip youth with the proper training and support to become agents of positive change.

Immigrants’ Rights

CAIR seeks to empower non-citizens by helping them achieve independence, security, and the opportunity to fully participate in American society.

The department provides high-quality, low-cost or pro bono services to individuals otherwise unable to obtain legal assistance.

Our clients include individuals who seek asylum, legal permanent residency, citizenship or reunification with their families as well as victims of human trafficking, serious crimes and domestic violence.