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Opinion: Harm to Arabs and Muslims continues to be sidelined in San Diego

Do Americans privilege some victims over others? Does this favoritism create a hierarchy to enable retaliation against everyone? We recently experienced a twisted version of … Read More

Report: 56% of Muslim Students in California Feel Unsafe in Their Schools

A survey of Muslim students in California by the Council on American-Islamic Relations found that 56% of respondents felt unsafe, unwelcome, or uncomfortable at school because of … Read More

Survey: More than half California’s Muslim students don’t feel safe in school

More than half of the students surveyed across California said they do not feel safe at school because they are bullied for their Muslim heritage, … Read More

CAIR San Diego helps Afghan refugees transition to American life

Hundreds of Afghan families who fled Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover are now adjusting to American life in San Diego. The Council on American-Islamic relations, … Read More

Video: CAIR-San Diego Offers Workshop to Help Afghan Refugee Families Reunite

CAIR San Diego hosted a workshop to support the families who have recently arrived to San Diego from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover. This workshop … Read More

CAIR-San Diego helps newly arrived Afghan families acclimate to life in U.S.

Dozens of Afghans who have recently resettled in San Diego in the months since the United States pulled its troops from Afghanistan attended a workshop … Read More

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The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is urging Hilton Worldwide Holdings to drop plans to build a hotel in China’s Xinjiang region on the site … Read More

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Your Ramadan Prayer Schedule

Ramadan Mubarak! Download our Ramadan prayer schedule for easy access. Make your Zakat eligible donation to CAIR San Diego today. 

Ammar Qadan | Genomics and COVID-19 Vaccines: What Should You Know?

Ammar Qadan (CAIR-SD Board member and V.P at Illumina), speaks with famous Lebanese TV Anchor, Ghida Majzoub, about the role genomics play in accelerating the … Read More


Registration is now open for the 10th Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC)! MDAC is the nation’s largest Muslim civic engagement event. For 10 years, CAIR-CA has been mobilizing hundreds … Read More