Ammar Qadan | Genomics and COVID-19 Vaccines: What Should You Know?

Ammar Qadan (CAIR-SD Board member and V.P at Illumina), speaks with famous Lebanese TV Anchor, Ghida Majzoub, about the role genomics play in accelerating the … Read More

Why universal health care would especially help Blacks, Latinos and Arab Americans

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you) dear community members, The San Diego Union Tribune has published this article written by Ammar Qadan, a member of the … Read More

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On January 31st 2020, following the third anniversary of the Muslim Ban, Donald Trump has put even more families in a perilous situation by extending the … Read More

Help Us Finish Our Film – A Prayer Beyond Borders

With our film, “A Prayer Beyond Borders,” we have captured something completely unique. A joint ceremony where Muslim and Christian communities unite to pray for … Read More

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A note of thanks in the wake of the UAE’s despicable action

You may have heard that the United Arab Emirates recently released a list of organizations it deems as terrorists which, outrageously, included the Muslim American … Read More

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Coverage of Press Conference on ISIS

San Diegans weigh impact of more airstrikes in Syria and Iraq   Muslim leaders react to Obama’s ISIS speech   Local Muslims and Chaldeans … Read More

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Remembering Sept. 11

Full article on San Diego Union Tribune.  Unforgettable, I was driving on a highway in my small pickup truck; the radio was interrupted with the … Read More

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Recent No Fly List cases

Lemon Grove man talks about life on terror watch list   San Diego Ranks 4th for Known Terror Suspects–270168671.html

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Local Ramadan and Eid coverage

Eid: Both fun and solemn for Muslims   Muslims focus on Quran during Ramadan

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Muslim San Diego Residents Call For Halal School Lunches

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 By Megan Burks The lesson came from a group of Muslim students and parents at Hoover High School in City Heights. “I … Read More