CAIR commends the American Muslim community for building religious institutions that are spiritually inspiring and civically engaged. This guide provides general information and organizing strategies primarily for those communities that are just starting off and/or seeking expansion of their facilities, and should not be construed as legal advice.

It is intended to educate and assist mosques and their communities to challenge false assumptions about Islam, build strong communities and coalitions, and ensure that the rights of American Muslims are equally protected. The information presented in the guide comes from news articles and reports researched by CAIR.

CAIR-Greater Los Angeles Area would like to acknowledge all those who contributed content, ideas and edits to this guide including our interns, current and former CAIR staff members Affad Shaikh, Moein Khawaja, Corey Saylor, Todd Gallinger, and Karen Dabdoub. We would also like to thank our community members and clients who have contributed to this guide by standing up bravely to protect theirs and all American’s religious freedom.

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