1. Bequests & Estate Planning

Want to leave behind a legacy? This program allows you the opportunity to sustain CAIR’s future work and success. By including CAIR-SV/CC in your will or trust, you are supporting our long-term civil rights and other work, even after your lifetime. For more information about bequests and estate planning, please email info@sacval.cair.com or call 916.441.6269.

2. Stock Gifts

A gift of stock to CAIR-SV/CC ensures that we are able to continue defending civil rights and advocating for social justice. Please notify CAIR-SV of your intent to transfer stock. You may call our Executive Director Basim Elkarra for more information at 916.441.6269 or via email at info@sacval.cair.com

3. cryptocurrency

As more people adopt various forms of cryptocurrency, CAIR-SV/CC has opened an account at Coinbase, where we can accept bitcoin, bitcoin cash, dai, ethereum, litecoin, and USD coin. If you need to pay zakat on your cryptocurrency holdings or simply want to make a sadaqa contribution, this is an easy way to do so without any tax penalties. Donate here!

4. Matching Gifts

Want to make a greater impact with your donation? Many corporations offer Matching Gifts programs that match your donations one-for-one, or even double, tax deductible contributions made by their employees. Additionally, if you volunteer with us, your company may also offer a volunteer grant program and hence double the impact!

What is the Matching Gifts Program?

These are charitable giving programs established by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. When you contribute to a qualified educational, civic, cultural, health or youth organization, your company matches it dollar for dollar – up to a certain amount, depending on the company’s policy. Examples of participating companies include: Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, Verizon, Yahoo!

Is CAIR eligible?

Yes! As a nonprofit organization striving to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding, CAIR falls under the category of Educational 501©(3).

How can I apply?

Step 1: Contact your Human Resources Department to confirm that they participate in a matching gift program.
Step 2: Confirm that your employer includes CAIR-SV/CC as an eligible nonprofit in its matching gift program.
Step 3: Request necessary forms from your employer and submit them. Your employer will respond to inform you if and when your donation will be matched. This process may take a few weeks.


For more information, please email info@sacval.cair.com or call 916.441.6269.