We live in challenging times. The rights and liberties of communities of color are under attack in the name of empire-building while the repression and brutality visited upon our communities is seen as “collateral damage.” We need to build the power of our communities to resist the attacks targeted at them and to push forward the narrative of true freedom and justice.

CAIR-Sacramento Valley is launching its first ever Youth Organizing and Community Power Building workshop series, for Muslim youth ages 16-22. This six-week training is designed to teach the basics of youth organizing in order to strengthen the work of youth organizers on the ground. It will provide tools that have been tested through the last decade of young peoples’ struggles for justice for our communities and for the liberation of all oppressed people.

We will be hosting two sessions throughout the year (one spring session and one fall session).

The first six-week session will be at MCYC!

If you are a Muslim youth between the ages of 16-22, apply to be a part of our first ever cohort: http://bit.ly/myocpattend!

For more information, please contact us at info@sacval.cair.com or call (916) 441-6269.