At CAIR-SFBA, we believe the best way to secure a better future for all of us is to cultivate a pipeline of activists and advocates with the skills they need to make a difference.

This summer, we are excited to have eight interns and law clerks joining us as we work remotely during the pandemic. They are currently learning about and participating in our work through a number of departments.

Aleeza Shah, Law Clerk

Fatima Khan, Law Clerk

Sophie McEvoy, Law Clerk

Enrique Martinez, Outreach Intern

Haia Haidari, Operations Intern

Huzaifah Hamid, Communications Intern

Maahum Shahab, Government Relations Intern

Tasnim Islam, Government Relations Intern

Zarah Umerani, Programs Intern

Are you interested in joining our team as an intern or law clerk? There is no better teacher than experience. Our interns and law clerks work with our staff on substantive projects that lay the foundation for a fair and more inclusive America. Apply here!