UPDATE: All three of the MDAC priority bills passed out of the Assembly in the last few days, with majority approval! From here, they move to the Senate insha’Allah.

Dear Community Members and Friends,
As Salaamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulillah, last week CAIR California celebrated the 10th Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol (MDAC) with over 300 participants attending over 90 virtual legislative meetings. Attendees engaged in meaningful dialogue with elected representatives on issues affecting other communities of concern. These conversations are a pathway to working hand-in-hand to strengthen our civic engagement efforts. The community members and the CAIR-CA Team amplified the need for Californians to live with access to fundamental human rights and the need for increased investment in the continued advancement of our future generations—all while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

While advocating for our legislative priorities throughout the week, we made progress in ensuring support for a number of bills:

AB 412 (Reyes) – California Commission on Human Rights 

This bill would create the California Commission on Human Rights, an advisory commission which will oversee and report on the status of human rights across California. Where issues or concerns of human rights violations are occurring, the Commission would provide recommendations and solutions to the Legislature and necessary departments to mitigate those human rights abuses. 

AB 1368 (Calderon) – Enhanced Services & Programs for Asylees 

This bill would establish the Enhanced Services & Programs for Asylees (ESPA) program which would provide resettlement services for community members granted political asylum in California. This bill would provide $8 million over the next two years to provide culturally responsive case management services. 

AB 48 (Gonzalez) – Kinetic Energy Projectiles 

This bill would prohibit the use of kinetic energy projectiles or chemical agents, such as tear gas and rubber bullets, by any law enforcement agency to disperse at any assembly, protest, or demonstration and solely due to a violation of an imposed curfew, verbal threat, or non-compliance with a law enforcement directive. The bill would also require law enforcement agencies to report whenever they determine to use tear gas and rubber bullets on protestors to ensure it does not violate this law. 

MDAC continues to be a culmination and manifestation of our collective power and voice. This event is not possible without our community’s participation and diligence. We must continue to urge our legislative leaders to prioritize the policy platform we shared with them. Contact your local CAIR-CA office to learn the steps on how to continue to take action.

Let’s tap into that power, continue our advocacy, share our learnings, and celebrate victories along the way.

Special thanks also to our event sponsor, Islamic Relief.


Courtney Mangus
Programs Manager